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Sleep Council - Cannot Sleep

You should always reserve your bed for sleep alone. When you get into bed turn the light off and try and relax. Adopt a care-free attitude to sleep. Try not to clock-watch. If you cannot get to sleep do not be afraid to get out of bed and go and do something relaxing in another room.

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Sleep Council - Your Sleep Environment

From time to time we all have problems dropping off to sleep. A lot of time it is the sleep environment that is the problem. It is important to think of temperature, lighting and noise.

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Kaymed - Alcohol & Sleep

Many people at night believe that a drink at night helps you sleep. The opposite is actually true. We need to pass through all the stages of sleep in order to wake up feeling refreshed. If you consume alcohol before sleep you appear to drop off really quick but the REM sleep is disturbed.

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Kaymed - Sleep Research

We can all survive a short-term lack of sleep, but long-term it can cause health problems. Phone and tablets have an impact on sleep. A lot of people watch TV late at night and overload on caffine the next day.

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Sleep Council - Bed Tips

Before you even get to a bed shop you need to have a think about what you want. Do you prefer bedsteads or divans? Do you prefer a soft or firm bed? Are there any access considerations? What size bed do you want? Have you got a colour scheme in mind? What is your budget? Which shops do you trust?

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Sleep Council - Make up artist advice

We are all leading busier lifestyles, with early starts and later finishes. We are all finding less time to get a good nights sleep. A quarter of women feel that tiredness is affecting their appearance at least 4-days a week. Tiredness leaves their skin looking dull and grey. Top celebrity make-up artist gives advice and how to use make-up to reduce the facial effects of tireness.

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